We are glad that you were interested in the corten material and we believe that you will like its processing through our design and functionality. Corten fits beautifully into the colors of the garden as well as the interior – it brings contrast, uniqueness and luxury to them. Every single product from it is a unique original designed just for you. Don’t be afraid to be different and be unique.

We could write dozens of sentences here about the origin, history and properties of corten steel, but we think these four basic pieces of information are the most important.


● durability (lasts at least 30 years after surface stabilization or natural seasoning)  

● toughness (corten is not oppressive in any way, it can withstand higher loads and rough handling, at the same time it protects itself, so no additional treatment is needed – it is practically maintenance-free) 

● versatility (use is possible in exterior and interior, at the same time it has practical and artistic use)

(Slovenčina) Cor-ten porovnanie sfarbenia


Corten is colored by a natural, longer-term process, or by acceleration – patination. Therefore, each product is unique in its color and shade, which ranges from light orange to dark brown


We can deliver products to the exterior in two quality levels of final surface treatment, and according to this level, the final price and delivery time are also distinguished:

a.) Without patination

The product gradually patinates (seasons) itself using natural weather conditions. The patination period from its beginning to full seasoning is about 20-40 months, during which you will be able to gradually enjoy all shades of this amazing material. However, it should be borne in mind that during natural patination, the surface around the product will be temporarily colored with running water of “rusty color” (in the rain). However, patina itself gradually preserves and protects the product.

b.) Basic patination

We will apply a base layer of patination solution to your product to speed up its seasoning. Nature itself then completes the colorful artwork. As with the product without patination, it is necessary to count on a temporarily colored surface around the product.


● we can produce every single product within the design and dimensions and to measure – exactly according to your requirements  

● design, production and subsequent patination are processes that require time to achieve the expected result in terms of quality as well as appearance  

Therefore, the standard delivery time is 4 – 8 weeks, with more complex modifications and additional changes even longer.

For interior products, a varnish or wax finish is used to soften the surface and look shiny.