Garden fireplace MADISON MAXI


Our highest fireplaces, where you can warm up while standing or relax while sitting in a “live image”. The flames remain hidden inside the fireplace and illuminate the cut-out throughout its height, so the pattern on the fireplace at night is the most beautiful from all our models. At the customer’s request, we can supply this fireplace with a removable side wall. After its removal, the fireplace becomes an outdoor fireplace with an open fire. We produce them in three shapes – square, rectangle and circle. Due to the height of the fireplace, we do not supply a grill grate in the package, because such a distance from the fireplace is not suitable for grilling. However, a heating plate, which also serves as a storage area if the fireplace is not lit, is included in the accessory. Motif – the pattern can be changed according to your requirements – it is possible to carve an ornament, inscription, names, logo, animal, etc. To preserve the natural colour of the corten even during burning, we recommend inserting a protective steel insert into the fireplace before lighting the fire (it is included in the package only for the version without a removable side wall). This minimizes the temporary blackening of the fireplace from smoke when burning. Delivery of the fireplace in the basic surface treatment (with already rusty surface) is 4 – 6 weeks.


height: 90 cm
width: 90 cm
diameter: 40 cm
weight: 87 kg

Supplied accessories

stainless steel plate for heating

protective steel (it is included in the package only for the version without a removable side wall)

Optional accessories

fireplace cover

Price with VAT without shipping

1 490 €

Delivery time

standard delivery time (4-6 weeks)

* Supplied as standard in the "basic patination" finish - there is a first layer of rust on the surface of the hearth, the product is mostly in various shades of orange and brown.