Portable Folding Fireplace NIKA


Practical, light, portable foldable fireplaces, suitable for frequent carrying and subsequent use wherever you want to sit by your “own fire”. The assembly and disassembly of NIKA fireplace is quite simple and does not take more than a minute. We produce them in two sizes. The package also includes a barbecue grill and a hot plate. The cut-outs on the sides multiply the aesthetic experience of the fire at night by creating a “live image”. Motif – the pattern can be changed according to your requirements – it is possible to carve an ornament, inscription, names, logo, animal, etc. In case you decide to give NIKA  fireplace to someone as a gift, we can deliver them to you in a gift box together with accessories. The delivery of the fireplace in the basic surface treatment (with already rusty surface) is 4 – 6 weeks.


NIKA 50 - h: 25 cm, w: 50 cm, d: 50 cm, w: 14 kg

NIKA 70 - h: 30 cm, w: 70 cm, d: 70 cm, w: 25 kg

Supplied accessories

grill grate

stainless steel plate for heat

Optional accessories

Price with VAT without shipping

NIKA 50 - 289 €

NIKA 70 - 359 €

Delivery time

Standard delivery time (4-6 weeks)

* Supplied as standard in the "basic patination" finish - there is a first layer of rust on the surface of the hearth, the product is mostly in various shades of orange and brown.