Garden hearth NINA


Large garden fireplaces in a stylish combination of corten & stainless steel will be the heart of your garden or terrace, at which you will be happy to meet your family and friends. Due to their size and heating value, we can call them family fireplaces, around which everything essential will happen. All the more if you choose your own cut-out motif on the front, which is a symbol of your family, hotel, company…. Since it is really a large and heavy garden accessory, it is necessary to place it on a solid and stable surface (concrete slab, interlocking paving, etc.). We produce them in three shapes – square, rectangle and circle. Delivery of the fireplace in the basic surface treatment (with already rusty surface) is 4 – 6 weeks.


height: 222 cm
width: 65 cm
depth: 60 cm
weight: 160 kg

Supplied accessories

set of fireclay bricks

protective grid

Optional accessories

Price with VAT without shipping

2 890 €

Delivery time

Standard delivery time (4-6 weeks)


Due to the weight of the product, it is necessary to place it on a concrete slab or other sufficiently strong surface. Supplied as standard in the "basic patination" finish - there is a first layer of rust on the surface of the hearth, the product is mostly in various shades of orange and brown.